Ganhar carros gran turismo 6

ganhar carros gran turismo 6

BRZ Festival: 2,258 CPM *Totally Not Worth It Award- 15-Minute Races Nurburgring: 22 minutes on a difficult track for 7,427 CPM This guide represents hours of original work by me, DeanoEh.
Here's why; Race 1) Time- 2:05, Credits awarded- 9,700, Credits per Minute- 4,850.Mm NMM mmmd mmmm.Okay, check these races out; 4) International B: British Lightweights- Matterhorn Dristelen, 85,600 for 1st 5) International A: Nascar Cup- Motegi, 169,200 for 1st 6) Super: Nurburgring 24-Minute Challenge- 614,000 for 1st Same question, which one do you choose to get the most Credits for.The second dieta para engordar de forma saudavel will list the races in chronological in-game order to make it easy for you to find a specific race, and check the CPM number.That's like earning enough Credits to buy a '14 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) for every minute of track time!Races- GT Arena.1:44 10,680 6,102 NB FR Challenge- Trial Mountain.3:22 19,700 6,061 NB Japanese 90's Challenge- Motegi.3:23 21,160 6,045 NB FF Challenge- Deep 19,060 5,864 NB 400PP Clubman Cup- Autumn Ring.3:06 17,540 5,846 NB 400PP Clubman Cup- 17,140 5,713 NB FF Challenge- 19,240 5,497 Class.This list details how much "extra credit" you get for committing to the championships in CPM, as well as the combined total CPM number (individual races plus championship bonus points divided by time on the track.) Example- When you enter the Novice Championship you will.Transferir créditos do Gran Turismo 3 Você deve ter um save do Gran Turismo 3 em seu Memory Card, você poderá trasferir até 100,000 créditos.(N) Novice Class CPM Sunday Cup: High Speed Ring- 2,946 Autumn Ring- 3,632 Amateur Cup: Brands Hatch- 4,850 Grand Valley- 3,658 Willow Springs- 3,156 Novice Championship Brands Hatch (Race 1)- 4,670 Autumn Ring- 3,033 Brands Hatch (Race 3)- 2,650 Championship- 9:05 16,000 Credits 1,777 CPM.
Vencer Supercar Festival Cizeta V16T 1994.
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A first place finish in the championship will earn you 16,000 bonus Credits.License Test Internacional A, ganhar Bronze nismo 270R(S14) 1994, ganhar Prata Nissan GT-R Concept (TokyoShow) 2001.But just in case, we've compiled a list of every car in GT6's roster.You can not suspend the championship and do other races, you can only exit out of the game completely and resume where you left off.Vencer Race Of Turbo Sports Mazda BP Falken RX-7 (D1GP) (S5) 2003.Methods: I completed every race and challenge, and made note of how long each race took to complete (track time).The result is a "Credits Per Minute" (CPM) number.If you place first in every race of that championship and (obviously) win the championship, you will have earned a combined Credit total of 45,140.Ganhar Ouro Dome Zero 1978, license Test Super Licença, ganhar Bronze Mercury Cougar XR-7 1967.This list is a mixture of facts and opinions.Races- Autumn Ring.1:44 11,060 6,320 NA GT National Champ- 40,240 6,190 NB Sunday Kart.

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Then I took the Credits awarded and divided them by the rounded time.