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The Impact of Organizational Lisa.Journal of Social Policy 27:3761.1993; Centers for established in African American populations, studies Downloaded from m by guest on December 29, 2010.Nelle, and Paul.Annals of Internal Medi- nomic Status in Winnipeg, Canada: Does the System cine 139:74047.
Sociologists is inferior to the care received by individuals withhave demonstrated that the result of this profit- employer-based or other private insurance, exacer-driven funding environment is essentially two bating health disparities in underserved groupsdivergent health care systems, public and private, (Institute of Medicine 2004).characterized.
Health Care for Black and Poor Hos- Health Care Organizations.
2000).general, acute-care hospitals (Coe 1978; Goss Understanding these organizational changes is1963; Wilson 1963 as well as medical schools, critical because they reflect fundamental shifts inphysician offices, and psychiatric hospitals (Coe the nature of medical work and the delivery of1978; Freidson 1970; Strauss.
American Journal of Publiccitizens by thoughtfully investing in groups and com- Health 96:nities that need it most, rather than by allocating Billings, John, Nina Parikh, and Tod Mijanovich.S116 Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51(S)Cowie, Catherine.Surveillance System, 19Morbidity and Downloaded from m by guest on December 29, 2010.Zation and Outcomes of Inpatient aids Care.Health services researchers have ized nations, Davis and colleagues (2004) founddescribed and studied these teams using sociologi- that the United States ranked lowest in efficiency, cal theories of group processes and social interac- effectiveness, and equity, and most Americanstion, ranging from social network conceptualizations believe.The Hos- policy and management in the Department of Public Health pital and Its Negotiated Order.Social Science and Medicine Care 32:77187.

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